How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud

Hi @nicola-denman-hotmai,

I’ve just replied to you by email, and hopefully that will help. You don’t need to post anything from SoundCloud until you get to the task which asks you to record and post your sentences. Then you will be asked to put them in The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


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I do not see an option to upload on the soundcloud app on my iPhone… there is no top black bar as you show on your screenshot… where am I going wrong please

Helo Kate!

Please try the tips in this thread to see if you can get sorted:

Thanks for replying - but on my phone there is no “upload “ button.

I would show you a screenshot of my page but I don’t know how to do that either ! I feel useless!!

Hi Kate,

I have an iPhone, with SoundCloud but used a PC for my recording…(I went through the SSIW lessons before the newer courses came along where the recordings play a bigger role - so I have only used it once or twice)

However there is a short video which shows how you can record on an iPhone here

If you want to take a screenshot, press and hold the stand-by button on the side of your phone and press the dimple at the same time. This creates a photo of the screen just as if you’d taken a picture with your camera.

Rich :slight_smile:

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I hope you get sorted. But in case not, you’re welcome to say your sentences etc to me over the phone or on Slack/Skype as an alternative. We want to make sure everyone can earn their badges even if the technology won’t cooperate!


Thanks Rich for your reply… I have somehow managed to muddle through and do a recording this afternoon - it was by no means easy tho! And I now feel quite proud to have learnt something else as well as welsh! I had to go to desktop display and also record the piece separately before uploading it to soundcloud! Anyway - I have now done it. Thanks again for your help and email… also - I ca. Do screenshot but am unsure how to include into these messages! Haha - that can be a lesson for another day ! Thanks again Kate


Oh well done Kate …you get extra points for perseverance!

To include a photo: when you are typing a reply or post there is a row of formatting type things along the top of the box you type into.

There is one in the middle with an upwards arrow - which allows you to upload. Pressing this gives you the choice of choosing an existing image from your phone - you can also take a photo. See below.,.

Rich :slight_smile:


That’s just tech!
Diolch i helpu, @rich Thanks for helping.

I am trying to set up Soundcloud to record for week 16 task.I have got as far as the upload screen and set the privacy setting. How do I record from there?
Moderator edit: You may find this thread of use. :slight_smile:

I too am having trouble with soundcloud recording.
Once in i am taken to a page which offers me all sorts of music options and when i go to a page which has an option to record, i can record a word but when i try to upload it, an upload failed message appears. None of the pages look like your image. I also can’t find audiocopy in the apps store which has been recommended.

The way to record, upload to SoundCloud, and post to the forum varies depending on the device and operating system you’re using. Below are the basic steps that you need to work through to record the sentences for the 5-minutes test, but if you have specific difficulties you want to ask about, it’s a good idea to include information on whether you’re trying to use the SoundCloud app, and whether it’s on a phone, a tablet, or a PC. I hope this helps demystify the process a little:

  1. create a SoundCloud account

  2. use some simple voice recording software to record your sentences - the ones you created to say within 5 minutes. Most devices have some kind of built-in voice recorder, but if not, there are lots of basic free ones you can download.

  3. Upload your voice file to SoundCloud. Some voice recorders have a "Share to SoundCloud" option and you can use that; otherwise, go into your SoundCloud account, find "Upload", and point that at your voice file.

  4. Within SoundCloud, find the "Share" option, which will give you a link to copy. Copy that and paste it into

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Hi, how do you set the soundcloud to private please? I have clicked on options and can’t find private. Many thanks Jeanette

Hi, I just recorded myself speaking Welsh and noticed the private button came up afterwards. So all okay now thanks.

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Where do I post the soundcloud track in the forum?

Go here and click on ‘+New Topic’ and that should do the trick… .:slight_smile:

Also - SoundCloud sufferers! - it’s clearly trickier on more devices than we’d like - and yet the underlying idea is an important one - so - can anyone find a better service for posting short audio clips? :slight_smile:

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Hello, Im really struggling with sound cloud. I wondered if you could help me with where to find Iain’s guide that you mention in your post? Thanks so much

Hi Joanna, I’m sorry not to have replied sooner. We’ve just teturned from a week on Ynys Enlli which was bendigedig! I struggle with the software both for this and the Slack Youtube etc and it is a while since I had to do the Soundcloud thing: I will try and trAck down Iain’s suggestions but do get lost in the various threads and replies etc. Meanwhile what I remember is downloading Audio copy - an appthat lets you record then somehow getting that onto Soundcloud and by trial and error vconnecting that with the 5minute thread or whatevet. In the end I muddled through and completed the challenges to end of level 2 but didn’t engage with the opportunties to connect with othets and chat etc which has left a big hole in my learning which I regret. Sorry again this is a long way round and i hope not to be discouraging but know I need to go back and gather the missing pieces together. Anyway i will have a look for Iain’s post and get back to you. Good luck. Let me know if you’ve already found out.