How to send a Message

I used the message facility a lot on the old forum, but I’m not finding this one so intuitive. Has it got the same very useful feature of showing the sender whether the message has been picked up? If so, is it possible to delete or edit a message after sending?

Is there a full guide anywhere on how to use this feature?

This is the first thread I’ve initiated and I like the box that popped up to show there were possibly similar threads, but I closed the box to see the contents of one of those threads, and couldn’t get the box back again, even by retyping my heading. Could I have moved the box to check more of the similar threads?

The best place for figuring out features that no-one has used here yet is:

I wouldn’t tend to expect that it’s possible to edit/delete messages after sending them - I’m not even sure that was really possible on our old forum, since I think the delete function only removed the message from your own list.

Anyway, hope that link is helpful :sunny:

Thanks, Aran. I will try to be intelligent with the link you’ve provided. My brain is a bit scrambled from trying to decipher a new mobile phone - can’t throw it across the room as it was too expensive.

Yes, you could retrieve messages and edit them on the old forum, so long as they had not been picked up by the recipient. Very useful when you hear a hurricane is on the way just after you’ve arranged an outdoor meeting!

I like the little sunshine

Ooh, no! I don’t think that link was meant for me. It’s got things like “Beginners Guide to setting up discourse multisite with docker.” Can’t see Beginner’s Guide to sending a message anywhere.

There are plenty of developers in there, because it’s early days for this project - but if you use the search facility for keywords like ‘messages’ I’m sure you’ll find some user-focused stuff. It’s the best shot available for now, at any rate, until they build some fuller user documentation…

Although that doesn’t sound as though it’s high on their to-do list:

@arianrhod I don’t know for sure, but I think there is a way to see whether the recipient of your message has read it.

When you look at your inbox (click on your face at the top right of the screen and navigate to “Messages”), there’s a column for “views.” For threads that have been read by both parties, it should say “2 views.” Unfortunately, this appears to be useful only for the first message.

Also, if you click on a message in your inbox, you have the same or similar edit messages to a regular forum post. I am not 100% sure, but I think that the recipient would also see the changes.

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Thanks, Joanie. I’m sure things will become clearer in time, and as things develop.

Thanks, Aran. I have now at least discovered how to find my way to the ‘search’ facility! All the threads are beyond me, but as above.