How to remember

So I’ve been learning lesson 3 and I was wondering is there an easy way to remember what they are asking you to say? I know that sounds weird lol! But I have to pause and try to remember the right words. Than I forget what I am supposed to say. Anyone have any pointers on how to get past this? Cause I just get frustrated lol


Shwmae Annmarie!
Strange question I know, but what are you doing when you are listening to the lessons?
I’m currently running through the Cornish course again and I find things stick in my brain better when I’m active, like walking for example. I just take myself to a park or the seafront, plug in my headphones and go. I also refrain from using the pause button when I do this as a lot of the phrases are repeated anyway.
You could also try doing housework or anything that involves general movement without breaking your concentration. Also, if you do it this way and find you’re getting the responses out 80% of the time, you can easily move on to the next lesson knowing you won’t lose what you’ve learned already as you will cover it again anyway! I find sitting down to lessons it doesn’t always stick and I feel the need to repeat lessons.
I hope you find a method that works for you soon though. Pob lwc!
Gav :slight_smile:

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Yes, the same thing was happening to me, but after a while I found it easier so I’m wondering whether it might have been, for me at least, just a matter of getting more practice in trying to remember?


I used to find this happening more than I do now, so I do think it gets easier. I decided that as the goal is to produce sentences in Welsh and not remember sentences in English, as long as I say something I dont worry too much if I say the wrong thing. If I think it’s understandable Welsh I’m happy.