How to listen to part of a challenge

When I have completed both challenges for week there is still a lot of time left. Sometimes I would like to go over part of the challenge, usually the last part. I have tried moving the cursor across the time line but with minimal success. Is there another way? Diolch.

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This depends on the software that you’re using to play the lesson - are you on a PC or a mobile device? :slight_smile:

When I use the app on my phone or tablet, there are arrows to the left and right of the progress bar that allow you to advance or retard the progress in fifteen second segments.


Mae gyda fi PC ond 'dwi’n defnyddio ‘Surface’ laptop am y challenges.

That sounds as though you ought to be on Windows Media Player - in which case, you should be able to see a progress bar kind of thing at the bottom, and if you click on that it should take you to the relevent point… :slight_smile:

Mmmm. As I write that, I realise that it sounds a bit like what you described in the first post… do you think that’s the case?