How to link to a specific post

Just another quick question. I seem to have forgotten how to put someone’s name—i.e. when it appears in a box within the text—into a reply. I’ve prodded around on my mobile but nothing seems to work. I’ve even looked in Tatjana’s guide to posting and can’t find anything there. I know it must be simple. Help please?

Do you mean how to ‘tag’ someone? To do that, just put an @ at the beginning and start typing the name, you should then see a drop down list and just click on the person you want to tag.e.g. @trevorellis


Like this?

I do it by holding down on the screen until a highlight box appears, make sure what I want is highlighted, then click on ‘quote reply’.


Thank you @siaronjames. I’d done it before but some time ago—brain fag, senior long duration moment—so thanks for the ‘repair’. Much appreciated.


Cheers @gruntius. Problem sorted. Much appreciated.