"How to learn Scottish Gaelic" - an article written by a Scots Gaelic learner for Fi3M

"How would you feel if you were beaten up for speaking a language? What if that language was your mother tongue?

This is what used to happen to children in Scotland, if they spoke Scottish Gaelic."

This is a really interesting article from Benny the Irish Polyglot’s website, written by a Scottish woman who, like many of us here, just wanted to reconnect with her national heritage, and in turn, contribute to the revival of this beautiful language.

It seems that the revival of Celtic languages is becoming something of great importance to many people with Celtic roots, with Cornish also taking further steps towards revival. With any luck, perhaps Manx will also resurface, and more emphasis on Irish Gaelic and Breton seen as well.

The link to Maureen’s article is below.

“How to Learn Scottish Gaelic” by Maureen Millward


Very interesting article, @faithless78 — thanks for sharing! :sunny:

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Sorry to revive a dormant conversation, but it was the best thread I could see for this article that I think others here would be interested in too: How Scottish Gaelic can Europeanise Britain

It’s not just about Scottish Gaelic, though, but about all the Celtic languages and the issues with the general attitude towards languages other than English in Britain. (And by “Europeanise”, incidentally, the author isn’t making any arguments about Brexit — I know how touchy a topic that can be— but seems to be mainly referring to the fact that in most European countries, speaking more than one language is perfectly normal and seen as a good thing, not a threat. Which unfortunately isn’t the case in Britain, generally speaking.)


If you wouldn’t bump up this topic I’d never see the previous article. Sorry but for a while I’ve abandoned this part of the forum and only recently came back to it so thank you. And yes, I believe this is the best thread for your post.