How to improve (sut i wella)

Well there is a desire to improve and as i have been around here for four years and have not completed course 3 i feel i’m in the slow lane. (those short forms will integrate when they are ready i guess). That’s my excuse but of course it’s also true to say i keep getting side tracked.

There have been a few people over the years that have mentioned reading and writing by the end of course 2 and yes i got a wildlife book and that was me off on a tangent.

So what am i doing to try and progress, Early in the month i was in pwllheli and went in a book shop and came out with four books, one has been mentioned in the whats outside and here are the other three.

Not huge, about 65 pages each but oh so interesting to me.

So right or wrong i have started translation of said books. that is i am half way through one.
I copy a page handwriting then pin the paper in front of the computer, Then type the welsh into one column of a two column spread sheet.
I can then use copy and paste to put this into G translate and check for spelling mistakes (mine) and words i don’t know. now i can copy the English translation and paste it into the second column of spread sheet. Repeat process for next page of book.

Sure it takes time, and i will be lucky if i have all three books copied by the new year, but i’m hoping by then i will be able to return to first book and read with a lot more understanding using my translation as little as possible.

I’m not for one minute suggesting anyone should copy what i am doing, but just maybe those who think they are slow will take some comfort from my speed.
One problem i can see is my lack of conversational practice especially in subjects like pel droed a hywlio ar y mor will still be a hurdle, i guess i can make jokes about pysgod yn yr cysgod for the benefit of fishermen. Oh well, way to go yet.

What i should add is that i am learning new words, but as much as that is good i’m also coming across a lot of word modifications (mutations and variable endings ), i’m finding that SSIW is so good that these are not a worry, just oh that’s how it is and try to remember a bit more.
Cheers J.P.


I saw those books on and was thinking of getting them. Not sure I’m ready for them either. I’ve been a bit stuck on progress lately myself. Life can get in the way at times.

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The books are not hugely technical, i suppose they are aimed at young teens upwards.
Just a gentle description of various environments and then a bit about several species that
can be found there.
I am noticing occasional words which when mutated sound and look like a different word.
Mel (honey) -> Fel (so, thus), and Gtranslate will go for the latter.
and yes i will find a way of putting the little symbols over letters.

Cheers J.P.

If you’re a bit stuck on Course 3, I wonder if it might be a good idea for you to switch tracks to Level 1 - it’ll feel nice and easy at first for you, but it will still start to give you some of the short forms (perhaps in a more digestible way!)… :sunny:

I started course 3 but found it very hard going and have switched to level 1. I am enjoying it much more and still find it challenging without it being overwhelmingly so (unlike course 3). I have done a lot of reading/tv watching etc in between times as well, and I find it all helps.
I have been here over four years, but there’s no rush. You get a better view from the slow lane!

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Thanks for your time Aran, i went through those and definitely enjoyed, i will revisit some later ones as a refresher and the end of course 2 during the winter, as i am bound to have forgotten some.
Course 3 needs me to spend some quality time on it but as i say i keep getting sidetracked by other things so it’s me at fault not the course. Many thanks and look forward to new material.

All that interesting wildlife.

Cheers J.P.

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We’ll have some new ones ready for you in the not-too-distant future :sunny: