How to find a link to a sound file to put it into a forum post

In case you are having difficulty finding the link to a SoundCloud file in order to post it here, perhaps the following screenshots may be useful.

I made them to show how to get from a “set” or playlist to an individual sound file, so the first step might not apply - if you can find the list of your own tracks on SoundCloud, you should be fine. (If not, try clicking on your user name near the top right of the SoundCloud website and then on “Profile”.)

So I started with a set that had been posted to the forum already:

I clicked on the username link at the top of the preview.

This took me to the Soundcloud profile, where I could see not only the set containing the five questions together, but also the individual questions as separate “tracks”, once I scrolled down a bit. (This is where you should end up if you got to your SoundCloud profile some other way.)

I went to the first question and clicked the little “Share” link at the bottom of it. (You would pick a particular sound that you want to post to the forum here.)

Clicking on “Share” opened a little window “on top of” the various tracks:

At the bottom, there was a field containing a link. When I clicked into that field, the link text was selected for me and I just had to press Ctrl+C to copy it to my clipboard.

Then I started a new forum entry in the “Speaking Practice” category and pasted the link into the entry:

Especially when posting several questions close together (within a day or so), it’s useful to give them a one-word tag to remind people who have listened to them which question was which – but not more than a word or two, since people are supposed to listen to the question rather than read it in all in the subject or entry. I picked [DARLLEN] for this one.

I hope that will be useful! (And please excuse the handwriting on the screenshots.)