How to delete posts?

Bit of a strange question, but is there a way to delete all the posts I’ve made?

There’s nothing that infringes on the forum rules, but I feel I’ve been really negative and down on myself and my ability to speak Welsh and I’d like to try and make a fresh start.

Does any one know if this is possible?


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I understand why you might want to delete posts, but before you do, please consider this - they are enormously helpful to other people who find themselves in similar situations, and show not only that they’re not alone, but that help and encouragement from others is available and - when you go back to those posts later, maybe with updates of how things have moved forward - they can prove that you’ve made progress and that there is light at the end of the tunnel! And also, no-one else’s subsequent comments would make as much sense if your post isn’t there anymore.


Hmm, when it’s put it like that I see your point. I have to say that when I was searching the forums to see if anyone else felt the same, I didn’t see a lot of other people in the same position, so maybe I will leave it.