How to cope with brain fog

Shwmae all!

I’ve been using the SaySomethingInWelsh app for the last 3 weeks and have been astounded by my progress. It really is surprising just how much you learn when you move away from textbooks and just concentrate on speaking a language.

My query though is this; I’ve got to lesson 15 of Level 1 but the last 3 challenges have completely bamboozled me so much so that I struggle to get any words out in the gap between English and Welsh. Is it just a case of persevering or would I be better revisiting the challenges over the course of a week?



Croeso yma first.

Then on: Challenges 12, 13, 14 and maybe 15 of the Level 1 are the most dificult Challenges in the level and the “blank” brains occured to me to. As much as I’ve read it happens to a lot of people but then at some point it clicks and you go along with the progress.

You have two options here: or you push further regardless how much you produce in the gaps between English and Welsh (I presume this would be @aran’s favourite) or you revise Challenges 12 - 15 with no additional repetitions afterwards and then move on to Challenge 16 seing how much you can produce then.

Some people advise to give the brains some break from intensive learning and then go back to Challenge 11 or 12 again continuing from there on.

I personally pushed on to Challenge 17 and only then had enough of “blanks” and returned back to Challenge 13 doing it and all the rest until 17 once again. It was easier for me that second time and it gave me the feeling of some progress finally.

Hope it helps!

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Hi Liam, Challenges 13 & 14 have bamboozled a lot of us, and if you do a search (top right) you will see several threads where people have said the same sort of thing. But don’t spend any more time on them, it’s not worth it - move on to the next challenges, which you should find less difficult. When you get to the end of the Level, you can always skim back over bits like this that you found challenging - that’s what I did, and they didn’t seem anything like so bad in revision.


Hi Liam

I’d push on. We all get that feeling sometimes. I’ve found that if I push on, it all eventually slots into place. You can always go back over the trickier bits at a later date if needs be.

Pob lwc


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I had the same problem and having seen that it was not just me I just got on with the next one. When I did revisit them later they didn’t seem half as bad. Keep going, you’ll be fine :+1:t2:

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I also had a slow progress slogging through 12, 13, & 15 of Level 1. I ended up having to spend my available time for about 3 months doing training for work instead. Now I’m ready to start back. As a review I’m going through lessons 1-16 quickly once as a review and on to 17 where I had stopped at.

I’ve just completed lesson 1 and did not even have to use the stop button while doing the lesson in heavy traffic after work. One lesson a day on my way home from work. The break seems to have helped. But also during the break I used iPlayer to listen to Radio Cymru in the background. That is helping me with my pronunciation, even it I don’t recognize a lot of the words yet.


Isn’t it just? :smile:

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For even more answers and tips to overcome these challenges, this is where I asked for help about it:

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Thanks for the replies everyone! I think I’ll soldier on and revisit the challenges in a week or so to see how I get on.
I’ll also check out the other forum threads as suggested. Apologies for revisiting existing queries as I’m new to forum life and not sure of the etiquette.

Thanks again.


Some encouraging info could also be here:

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I just keep on pushing through to next challenges, it clicks at some point!

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Well, after pushing on with the challenges I can now hear it all coming together in quite a weird spectacular way. Phrases that last week sounded insurmountable are now formed with ease. This is pure magic.