How my rocking chair is helping me learn Welsh

For the first challenge or two, I would listen to the audio on my desktop, or on my iPad kneeling in front of my bed (like I sometimes do when I read books, for some reason), but at some point I tried it sitting in my rocking chair.

(Well, not a proper rocking chair with runners – an IKEA “Poäng” that looks a bit like this:

Different colour to mine, but I do have the footstool bit and it’s much better than just having the chair by itself.)

One of the better things to happen to me!

I had read on the forum of people pacing up and down or otherwise moving around, to keep part of their brain occupied with moving so that it wouldn’t notice that it’s busy learning a language and being afraid.

And I’ve found that sitting in that chair, closing my eyes, putting my feet up on that footstool, and bouncing up and down gently while listening to my iPad on the shelf next to me, seem to be a great environment for doing the lessons.

Perhaps the bouncing and closed eyes also produce a bit of a “trance” state, not sure, but it does let me relax and just “go with the flow”.

I remember just yesterday, after a particularly frustrating day the day before, things went very well – and one long sentence that I thought I’d never be able to remember, I just started translating it and my brain just sort of produced the next few chunks by itself, even though I didn’t remember the original English consciously! I was well chuffed!

Sure, there were also several times when I produced the wrong sentence, e.g. “trying to speak” rather than “started to speak” or vice versa, or the like, but on the whole, I feel that this setup is helping me.


I believe its been long established that the brain responds well to rhythm so i’m not surprised its helped you.

So well done to you if you’ve found something that helps!

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Thank you!

I discovered it more or less by accident, but I’m glad I did :slight_smile:

Sounds good Philip. Perhaps your next language should be Swedish! :slight_smile:


A rocking chair sounds such a great place to learn! My ‘rocking chair’ is usually driving the car. I started really focussing on Welsh in september because (since we’ve got 6 children) my school run lasts for 4 hours a day, so I decided to use the many hours a week of driving time to learn something new.
Although not quite as relaxing as a rocking chair, the car has become my main learning space. I guess everyone has a place, either by design or by accident, where they learn best!