How does one actually ... leave

Helo pawb,

it’s been amazing but I finish level 2 on Monday and am not planning on doing level 3 yet, so wish to stop the £10 a month automatic renewal. The renewal doesn’t actually appear in my direct debits or standing orders, or anything else I can see that I can cancel.

How can one stop the payments?

Diolch yn fawr.

Congratulations on completing level 2, you’ve done really well :slight_smile:

The best thing to do would be to email and they’ll be able to sort it for you.

And even though you don’t want to carry on to level 3 yet, remember you can still come on to the forum whenever you need to, and you can still be part of Slack WSP to chat :wink:

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It’s also possible to cancel your own subscription. You just need to be logged into the main website, i.e. click on ‘Learn’ above, then click on your name and you’ll see the ‘Subscription’ choice. There is a ‘Cancel’ option there :slight_smile:

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So if you finish the courses, and stop paying, you still have access to the forum?

Can confirm: I never paid anything. I only did the free Course 1 and the first 15 challenges of Level 1, but I’m still lurking on the Forum… :slight_smile:

Yes, (as I see David has just beaten me to saying!) you can still use the forum, just not access the course material. :slight_smile:

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Just to clarify, as @DavidH must have got in before the changes :slight_smile: , there is a free taster course when people first register, then you need the £10 a month subscription to be able to access ALL the online material that we have - from the initial 6 Minutes course covering Levels 1 and 2, to Level 3, the original 3 courses, and the Advanced Content.

But, this forum is always available free of charge, as is the Welsh Speaking Practice Slack platform. That just needs an email to to request an invitation.

O yes, I forget: I downloaded the app and I still have the 15 challenges that were free at the time. Must be years ago now…

Sorry to be confusing!

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