How does Level 2 work?

I am about move on to Level 2 and just wanted an outline of the process,

Same as level one. Just do it.


Welcome to the forum @RussellThomas first.

As @Pete2 says it works as works Level 1 but, if you’re not a paying member it won’t be accessable to you and you’ll have to choose the paying plan first. You have the option to subscribe only to Welsh which costs you 3,95 GBP or Polyglot which costs you 6,95 GBP. With Welsh you have access to all Welsh material available but with Polyglot you have access to all courses available at the moment.

If you’re already paying (subscribed) member, then sorry for “preacihg” to you though.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum, Russell! Otherwise, pretty much what Pete said - do you have any specific concerns? :slight_smile:

Thanks Pete, Just what I wanted to hear

Thank you I will be a convert soon, well as soon as I get head around Challenge 25

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