How do I say a few friends? (New Level 1 Southern, lesson 17)

I cannot get my tongue around the Welsh for “a few friends.” What exactly are Cat and Iestyn saying? It would help me to have it written down.

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Ychidig o ffrindiau. I found it a bit difficult too still struggling with the drinks bit. There is a written guide you just need to get in touch with faithless78.

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Diolch yn fawr iawn Theresa. It is a great help to see it written down as I often struggle to hear exactly what is said. I probably try too hard to be accurate, but it is strange how some short phrases seem to cause difficulty while much longer sentences are easier to say.

I’m not as far into Level 1 South as you are, but about half way through old Course 1 I discovered the PDFs on the site which list the course material and have found them infinitely useful for filling in the type of gaps you’re talking about which can disrupt your lesson flow! I haven’t seen one for Level 1 South yet but it seems that a lot of the of the words from the North script apply to the South one, so taken with a pinch of salt to look something up when required this is working for me:

Diolch yn fawr iawn Gareth. Theresa suggested getting in touch with faithless78 for the current PDFs for the new course (south). He did in fact send me a personal message with the appropriate link which I have found very useful. I have added it to this post. Gavin (faithless78) says it will be brought up to date as more of the course lessons become available and this link will work for the updates. Pob lwc a diolch eto.