How do I get Lesson 2?

I’ve created an account but can’t get beyond lesson 1 and since there’s no contact details who do I turn to to get going!

Your site is free and that would be great if it was user friendly. As you can see I’ve had to resort to writing here which is all wrong! email me please, you have my details! Otherwise what’s the point!?


All you need to do is as follows

  1. Click on Learrn
    2 Click on Level 1 (new!)
    3 Click on the number 2

as below

I really hope that helps! Post back if yu still have probelms.



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If the above answer doesn’t help, you might want to send Kinetic a private message.

Thanks Stu but I tried all that already. The problem is I accidently pressed a button that I’d completed lesson 2 ! It now won’t let me do lesson 2 and even worse it won’t let me un-tick the box. Who writes these programmes!?

I just need IT support or a phone number to sort this I think but that would be too easy wouldn’t it!

That is very odd, as ticking that box does not prevent you listening to the lesson again as far as I know. Below you can see the lesson playing despite the fact that I have completed it:

Have you tried downloading the lesson to your computer at all? Then you could listen t it as often as you like (same with all of the lessons; I do this and burn them onto a CD so that I can listen to them in the car). To download the lesson, just click that downward arrow next to the lesson (as illustrated above). If you need detailed instructions on downloading the lessons and playing them on you computer (or you use a mobile device), just post back!

Regarding getting support, this is the right place to ask for it. There is no IT Support number, because is a very small company, but it has a very vibrant, friendly and helpful community of users who are active on this forum. Aran Jones, the CEO of SSI is also very active on here, as is Kinetic, the SSI software developer. As suggested above, sending a Private Mesage to him would be one way of getting help from the horse’s mouth, as it were.

Anyway, between us we will get you going again, so please post back…



PS Let us know your name or nom de plume!!


Asking politely and being friendly on the forum is a far better way to get my input :sunny: