¡Hola amigos!

Last Saturday I started project Do Level 1 of Spanish in as short a time as possible.

I’ve never studied Spanish before, except half a year ago when I did 2 or 3 lessons of the old course. Which brings me to my first impression of this new course, it’s a lot better, prettier and shinier than the old one!

For those who don’t know, there are 25 lessons in the Spanish course. And day one I got through to the end of lesson 7 (if my memory serves me right). Because I have the lessons on my Podcast app on my iPhone, this gives me the choice of listening at 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x or 2x speed. I would say that for about 90 % of the time I would listen to lessons at 1.5x speed, otherwise normal speed. I found this to be the best for me, partly cause you get through lessons faster but mostly because it doesn’t give my brain any chance to get distracted in the second or two that I’m waiting for the next sentence. My mind is easily distracted!
The next day I learned that I have too many people in my life, they get in the way of my language acquiring! But I got another few lessons done, up to lesson 12 or 13 I think. Then the week came along and it was busy and by Wednesday I had “only” gotten to the end of lesson 15. Which I’m still very pleased with! At this point I just didn’t have the time or energy to do intense sessions, so I’ve decided to take a break and finish the course when I have more time, maybe in a week or so.

And if you want more details Aran, I didn’t do any repetition, except for lesson 6, cause after doing the first 6 in one go I had a break and then struggled to start straight on lesson 7. It was pretty much a roller coaster, some lessons felt easy, others complicated and hard, and a lot of lessons had both those qualities. Oh, yes, and I tried to use the pause button as little as possible.

To conclude; I’m very happy with the quality of the lessons, what I learned and everything! I now speak more Spanish than I ever did French, which I had 5 years in school. I don’t feel very confidant though or at least not with the more complicated sentences. I’m thinking that once I’ve done the whole course, I will do it again at some point to cement the knowledge further.

Thanks for an excellent course! :slight_smile:

I love it too!

Fantastic feedback, diolch o galon i ti Marie…:star:

So you did 15 sessions in five days? Superb. And well done for doing so little repetition, truly excellent.

The confidence will come as your brain has time to let the language bed in, and then opportunities to produce it - also, we’ll have listening exercises ready before too long, which will help with the process - and judging from other people’s experiences, when you’ve finished the whole course, leave it for a couple of months and then just do the last two or three sessions again - that’s really all you’ll need to make sure that 80%+ is front and centre…:smile:

I’ll look forward enormously to hearing how your remaining steps go with this - a really fantastic project…:seren: