Hit a wall with lesson 7

This is so frustrating for me…I have gone through lessons 1-6 and I would say I get 80-95% correct but I have just begun lesson 7 and I am useless right from the start!

This happens to me so often when trying to learn Spanish (with this course as well as others) but I really don’t want to give up!

Does anyone have any advice on this? Should I start again from the beginning to cement what I have learned or should I just bumble through the course picking up whatever I can?

Many thanks, Matt

Hola Matt!

This is something that happens to almost everyone at some stage in all of our language courses, so you are definitely not alone there. What we encourage people to do is to have a couple of runs through, saying whatever Spanish you can remember in the gaps, even if it’s just a word or two, then listen carefully to what comes back. You can ‘echo’ - sort of quietly say the Spanish along with the second speaker as well, to help it get into your memory. Once you’ve done a challenge once or twice, or three times at most, push onto the next one and try not to worry about it. A lot of your learning is subconscious so you may not be aware of the little bits of information that your brain is picking up and storing away as you don’t have conscious access to it right now, but it’s building up. Keep going, and after 3-4 challenges come back and run through 7 again. Most people are very surprised when they do this and realise that they’ve learnt more than they realised.

Deborah :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice Deborah, I will have another run at it from the start and see if I can get further.


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Just remember Matt
If its uncomfortable frustrating & difficult then its probably working!
Keep at it dude

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Hi guys, I am back trying again with this as after all this time I am still struggling with conversation. Once again lesson 7 is such a struggle for me so could I ask, now that there appear to have been many people succeed with this system, should I just keep going without repeating the lesson? It’s so difficult to just move to the next one!

Hola Matt! It’s fine to have more than one run through a lesson if that helps you, but it sounds like you’ve had a couple of goes at getting through Challenge 7 already, so the best thing at this point is to push on.

It’s important not to get ‘stuck’ at a particular Challenge. Even if you can’t recall the Spanish easily, your knowledge of the words and structures is increasing at a subconscious level every time you are exposed to them, so you are learning, even if you can’t feel it.

Move on to the next Challenge, and see how you go. Remember that each lesson is your FIRST introduction to some new Spanish and your FIRST chance to start practising it, but as with any new skill, you aren’t expected to master it straight away. It could be several lessons further on before what you’ve been introduced to now starts to feel easier for you. That’s part of the learning system and quite natural.

Thanks Deborah, I will keep going with it. This really feels different to other methods of learning that I have tried and I think it will work if I can get through it!

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If you have any problems or queries as you go along, always feel free to raise them here. I’m a multiple language learner from way back, so I’ve tried pretty much every method there is, and for me, this is by far the best way to become comfortable with the spoken language.
I’m currently living in the Basque Country, so I’m learning Basque and despite going to a class for 2 hours 5 days a week, I was making extremely slow progress until I decided to use this method to design my own learning programme. With classes finished for the summer, my learning is going to increase exponentially as I have more time to put into this method :joy:


That’s really interesting and thank you, I am sure I will have plenty of questions as I go along!
I sometimes wonder whether I struggle with learning Spanish because I’m about to turn 41 and have never spoken anything other than English!

I’m met a lady through a conversation exchange from the Basque country who I’m helping with her grammar (her English is far more advanced than my Spanish), and in return I try to spend 5 minutes talking to her in Spanish but at the moment I just don’t know enough. I hold out hope that things will improve though :slightly_smiling_face:

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Language exchange is definitely a great idea! I have a couple of Basque/English language exchange partners and they do make a difference. Don’t be afraid to try things out with her - if you’re not sure if a sentence is right, say it anyway. Remember that you learn a lot from making mistakes, so it’s important to push beyond your comfort zone.

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