Hilary's update

It’s been two years since I started playing the SSIW ‘game’, its still an amazing journey and I want to thank all you wonderful people who are still helping me on the way.

Last night I finally finished reading @aran 's ‘Some Sex and a Hill’. I made it to the last chapter in an excited rush last year but came up short on the last chapter as back then I had stuck to just speaking and listening yn y Gymraeg. With some help from native welsh speakers (Oh I imagined that world spelt this way!) I’m amazed at how straightforward it’s been to add reading on top of that foundation. Last night I finally got to read about the ‘language of heaven’ and finish the book!

Back when I started SSIW I was inspired to use Cymraeg by our god son and had a secret hope in the back of my mind that if we had children I might be able to share the language my Grandpa was prevented from learning with them. Now my son is five months old and I am speaking to him yn y Gymraeg as well as in English which feels really special. I have much more to learn and he is not getting to hear other children using Cymraeg (we are in Sheffield) but it’s a start and I’m so happy to have made it.

Diolch yn fawr iawn i dîm SSIW


That’s such a beautiful story - diolch o galon for sharing… :star: :star2:

And huge, huge congratulations on everything you’ve achieved - none of it happens without massive effort… :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

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And it is very special! Congrats on everything and all the best to you all!

You have one privedge here as your son is still so young … not will you just speak to him in Cymraeg … you will sing aswell … :slight_smile: (I love this thought very much). :slight_smile:

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Da iawn!!! Such a great story :smile:

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Thanks for sharing that beautiful story. Llongyfarchiadau and da iawn ti! :slight_smile:

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Yes we do do that.

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