Hi from Australia!

Hi, I’m a learner from Australia. I’ve been listening to this course for a couple of weeks now, and I just thought I’d stop by and say thanks. I tried a few languages back in school, and I have to say that I’ve come further in about two and a half weeks on this course than I did in seven years of Italian and four of Japanese. So thank you for designing and creating such a wonderful resource!



Hi Karla and welcome to the forum. I couldn’t agree more that this course and method of learning is amazing! What made you decide upon Welsh after trying Italian and Japanese?

A very warm welcome to the forum, Karla, and thank you very much indeed for your extremely kind words - it’s great to hear that you’re off to such a fantastic start! :star: :star2:

I just love the sound of the language really. It’s so musical. Italian and Japanese weren’t really choices - they were al my school had on offer, and I had to study Italian due to my heritage.


Cymraeg certainly does have such a wonderful rhythm doesn’t it. Pob lwc Karla!

Hi I am also from Australia and have been using the SSIW for the last couple of weeks and agree it is fantastic. Cheers for making such an awesome idea avalible. I always wanted to learn Welsh as my grandad speaks some so I will try some on him this week!!


Cool! Where in Australia are you from? Maybe we could practice together, if you’re willing - I’ve been looking for a study partner, actually.


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I am in South Australia, you?

I’m in Melbourne. We could always meet over Skype…at least we’re in the same time zone, so that makes things a little easier! :smile:

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Well nearly the same timezone!! 1/2 hour difference. I will have a think about it for now as I am really busy (with family and work) and really only practice my Welsh when I am out walking unfortunately. However I am keen to have someone to speak welsh to so Keep in touch keep in touch as I may be a bit less busy a bit later in the year. a=Are you studying south or North welsh as I am doing South Welsh because I think that is what my Grandad spoke whilst he was working in the coal mines in Crosshands in Wales.

That’s fair enough - I’m pretty busy myself at the moment. I think it’s just that time of year. Just let me know when you’re free.

I’m learning South Welsh too, actually. i didn’t really have a preference, so I just picked one at random.

nice i will keep in touch, I saw there was someone else from Adelaide on here too.

I’m also from Australia! Currently on the NSW/VIC border… I was in Adelaide for a couple of years too. I’ve moved around a lot.

Wow, I’m amazed at how many other Aussies are here! I’d have thought Welsh wouldn’t be a particularly populate language in this country, but it looks like it’s around more than I thought. :smile:

I was thinking the same thing!

Although… I wonder if it’s mainly because we’re so far away, so we’re more likely to stumble into the same online learning? If I lived in Wales, I probably would have gone to a face-to-face class and not even considered online!

Yeah, I think I’d have done the same, actually. And it would be much easier to find people to practice with if that were the case.

Yep. I’m lucky because I can practice with my partner… to some extent. We’re at the same level, so if there are any mistakes, we’ll be both making them.

At least there’s Skype. I figure, once I get a little further on, I might see if anyone is willing to Skype every now and then, see if that’ll help.

I’d definitely be willing. I’m currently working on lesson 21 of the Southern course, so any time you want a bit of practice let me know. :smile:

Ooh, you’re way ahead of me! But that would be awesome… if you’re willing to deal with the fact that I’m a long way behind.

I don’t mind at all - we’ll just work on the sentence patterns you’ve already done. I’ve been looking for practice for a while actually, so I think it would be good for the both of us.