Hi , Anyone interested in being my first speaking partner?

Hi , I’m on Week 20 of the Northern version of Say something in Welsh.
I’m looking to have my first conversation in Welsh with someone. Anyone interested ?
Cheers ,

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Sut mae Linda. Am also learning North Walean. Feel free to message me and maybe we can work out a day and time to practice.

Noswaith dda Linda,

I’m from South Wales but happy to have a 5 minute sgwrs if it helps :grinning:

You’re welcome to send me DM here or email me neiljonescymru@mail.com

If you don’t think it’ll be helpful, no worries.

Pob lwc!

Hi there, thank you so much for your reply .
I would love some speaking practice with you.
I live in Australia , so would just need to work out times.
Let me know if you prefer a morning or evening session.
Currently Wales is 11 hours behind Sydney time so we can work it out from there .
I’m nervous and excited .
My email is lindawillemsen2@gmail.com.
Diolch yn fawr Linda

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Diolch Linda. I am 15 hours behind East Coast Australia. I forget which time zone is Syndey. Utica, New York USA yn byw. I live on the East Coast USA. Am looking forward to chatting, will PM you my email.

Sut mae diwnod yn mynd? Sut dach chi heddiw?
Mae yn mynd am dro efo Ci Bach…enw caradog .

O lle dachin byw ? Maen twydd yn dda iawn,Maer haul Allan rwan yn ond mae gwyntog yn oer bach.sur Maer tywdd effo chi?

Dwin gobeithio dashing ddim yn oer ac yn teillio yn poeth ? Felly tua tarn ? Nei rheiddaider mawr…

Siarad efo cymreag eto efo chi! Hwyl fawr !

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Helo Linda and other commentators! :smiley:
Im happy to speak Welsh with you!

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Hello I would love that .
my email is lindawillemsen2@gmail.com
Perhaps we can organise a time to chat ?

Hello , I would love that.
My email is lindawillemsen2@gmail.com
Perhaps we can organise a time to chat .