Hewrop's identity crisis

Sorry about this personal question but it might apply to others.
I like the latest forum but my forum name has mysteriously changed (not by me) from hewrop to huwjones_3.

Please can it be changed back to hewrop.
I tried to do it myself by editing my profile but it doesn’t appear to have worked.

It happened as part of the migration Huw. I’ve gone back to essenbee! I’m sure something can be done about it.



Diolch Stu.

There are some headachy things going on with full names, usernames, forum names and so on - if it can be fixed, I’m sure Ifan will do it :sunny:

Maybe we could do with a ‘can this be fixed or not?’ thread for some of the ‘getting used to it’ stuff in here…

Sorry for being all over this thread like a rash, Huw - partly just trying to see if the update function is working :wink:

OK Huw, I’ve fixed your username.

What appeared to go wrong when you tried?

Diolch yn fawr, Ifan. :thumbsup:
When I looked at my profile or hovered over my avatar, I found this mysterious imposter huwjones-3. Moreover my posts carried that name.
Ond popeth yn iawn, nawr, diolch
Hewrop is back in the building :smile:

Later: Ah, I see what you were asking. :blush: When I first tried to change my username in my profile it appeared to be successful and, in fact, I WAS able to log out and log back in with my original name, hewrop. However, all the other things mentioned above remained unchanged.

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What a relief! Not sure I would have trusted HuwJones3 – I’d be always wondering what he’d done with the other two.

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… ond i’r Bootcampwyr Mis Medi 2014 ac y plant ap Dafydd bydd e wastad yn Mistar Pooh!

What a relief! Not sure I would have trusted HuwJones3 – I’d be always wondering what he’d done with the other two.

Eaten them :smiley:

Gwenllian oedd hi. I’m not sure why :blush: - I always took care to shower at least once a day. At the end of the week, however, I was promoted to being Mr Pee Pee which was a great relief (as it were) :wink:

That Gwenllian, 3 years old. At breakfast, with a big smile on her face, she excitingly called me over.
“Kim, Kim…”
“Yes, Gwenllian…?”
"Kim, wyt i’n twmffat/a prat…
“Sori, Gwenllian?”
“Wyt ti’n twmffat…twpsyn twmffat/a silly prat.”

I kept a straight face. :smile:


Oh please Stu can you help me too?
I want to be henddraig again.
The forum calls me by a great string of letters which are my name all joined up. I have no idea how to change my profile. Please help!!!

S’mae Henddraig?

I cannot change my username either unfortunately!



I found ‘change your profile’ This let me set my name as henddraig but kept me as jacq… in posting. I tried changing my username to henddraig, Still no effect, but maybe it takes 24 hours??? I’ll look yfory!!!

Interesting, I have no option of changing my username in my Profile - there is no edit facility! Hope it works for you henddraig!


At the moment, users can change their username in their first month of their account - I’m not quite sure what happened with the change you tried to make on your ‘Preferences’ page, but it may be that it just didn’t let you know that it wasn’t accepting the change - I’ve gone ahead and over-ridden it manually for you, although as a rule we strongly encourage people to use real names on the forum since we think it contributes to the friendly atmosphere :sunny:

Firstly, yn cyntaf, diolch yn fawr iawn iawn!!!
Secondly, I sort of see why you prefer ‘real’ names, but it insisted on tagging me as jacquelineycomben and I assure you I have never been called that to my face!!!
I shall put ‘from Jackie’ on my posts so everyone knows what my friends call this aged dragon!!!
from Jackie

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Not even when you’ve been naughty? :wink: