Heulwen Davies - "Mam, Croeso i'r clwb" book launch

A very good friend of mine - Heulwen Davies (probably known by a few people here), who runs the popular “Mam Cymru” blog is releasing her first book “Mam, Croeso i’r clwb” through Lolfa next month and is celebrating it with a series of launch parties through Wales.

The book is part real life stories of Heulwen’s life as it transformed whilst raising her daughter Elsi and part guide as to how to raise a child in today’s world, specifically a Welsh one. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s supposed to be excellent - she was over our house on the weekend and it sounds a really exciting project.

Anyone interested in the Aberystwyth event, here are the details:

Monday 5th March - 6.30pm
Medina Aberystwyth
10 Market Street,
SY23 1DL.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/152068152164155

Caryl Lewis will be chatting with Heulwen for a bit, bit of a reading, bit of a chat - totally free, just turn up.


I’m looking forward to reading this, it sounds fabulous and just what we need in the Welsh language - Bren Babi by Mari Lovgreen is also in a similar genre.

For many years now, there have been English language parenting books on the shelves. Not necessarily ‘parenting manuals’ but rather books for mums by mums reflecting real life experiences, the ups and downs, the tragic and the hilarious. A lot of them have come from ‘mummy bloggers’ who’ve used social media as their platform and rounded up a decent following of passionate mothers/parents who felt, at last, they had a voice.

I love the open, reveal all attitude that these genre of books have. For far too long there has been an unhealthy and rather critical attitude towards parents in our communities and on social media. It not only makes parents feel embarrassed about their occasional parenting disasters and those ‘I can’t cope’ days, but also makes many feel like they have to strive for some kind of perfection to be deemed a good parent. These wonderful books tell us that it’s OK to get it wrong because most of us do, that it is so, so hard and that it’s OK to admit that we sometimes can’t cope.

I wish Heulwen all the very best and hope her book has huge success! :slight_smile:


You put it way better than I could’ve!

Have you read the blog “Mam Cymru” much? Despite not being a mum, or a lady - I must admit I’ve been a big reader over the last year. I set up the technical side of it for her, which was an interesting challenge as we did it all through Welsh and I’d still only been learning for about 4/5 months at that point!

…plus there is free prosecco at the launch!


I’ve dipped in and out of the blog since it launched. It’s very interesting isn’t it? Sounds like you had an interesting challenge with the tech side! Llongyfarchiadau for managing to get through it all in Cymraeg having only been learning for a short space of time! :slight_smile: