Here I go again

Going back over level 3 though at slightly higher speed , as there were some bits I felt unsure of. Turns out there’s loads (especially round 7-11) that I have no memory of having ever learned. Don’t know now if I should continue repeating this level, go back to level 2 then 3 again , or just print out and practice the bits I feel least confident in. What do people think ?

I would listen to level 2 lesson 25 and if you reasonably happy just carry on revising level 3. :grin:


Yup, what Philip said… :slight_smile:


I agree with Phillip. I know I’ve gone back to repeat levels for confirmation of words/phrases. Whichever way you go, the point is to keep learning, practicing (even if it’s only you that you speak with), looking up new vocabulary to add to your knowledge and above all, have fun with learning Cymraeg. I’ve found I learn more when I’m having fun with it.


Thanks guys.
There were some bits I couldn’t do first time through that I can now (should I ever be required to discuss giving her my room number) but then some complete voids too. I practice during my lunchtime walks and talk to my foster cats.

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