Heno, I will be on Heno


Sorry for the short notice, but heno… (see what I did there) I will be on Heno, S4C. (Wales’ equivalent of The One Show) for a section they are doing on bloggers/vloggers and people who do that sort of thing.

Expect it to be heavily cut down, but it was about 2 hours of chatting in my house (filmed about 4/5 weeks ago)

7pm, S4C - Sky channel 104.


You’re not really selling it to me with that, Nicky. :wink:


Hey, If anyone can “sexy” that advert up a bit then I’ll happily accept.

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Oooh, how exciting! Da iawn, Nicky! Bydda i’n gwilio!

Well, the Clic is set to what’s live and in 8 minutes I expect Heno to begin. :slight_smile: Let’s see that star of you on there. :slight_smile: Hope they won’t write that the program is not available in my area. :slight_smile:

Sorry @Nicky, but I was able to watch Rownd a Rownd and can not watch Heno. No doubt you’ve done great as always.

As fluent as ever, @Nicky. There was only one thing I didn’t understand - beth yn ****** yw “flogo/vlogging” :laughing:


Hi Tatjana,

I’m sure I’ll download it shortly… but try this out

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Put a camera in front of your face and talk rubbish! I’ve been doing it for 2 years to great success*

*success in Welsh terms.
**i.e not many followers.
***nor any money



Well done, Nicky. So clear.


Wales’s long-running, fast-moving and innovative early evening magazine show. Oft-copied by lesser channels, but never bettered. Caution: May contain traces of Elin Fflur.

That good enough for you? :wink:


You should be working at S4C!


Thank you. It worked perfectly. You were just great. Fluent as always. Da iawn ti! :slight_smile:

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Great! :+1::+1:

p.s. tiny details make me curious sometimes: @nicky what do you say after hollol at about min 1:05 of the video on Facebook?
It sounds like creen-jee-vee. (or cringifi in my italianwelsh transcription style):thinking:

“mae’n hollol cringe i fi”

“cringe” its a borrowed English word that it used amongst young people mostly.
The correct English usage of the word would probably actually be “cringey” as in “that video was cringey”, but the youth have taken it and often use it more in the style of “that video was cringe”.
Another word for embarrassing really.


In English, you sometimes hear “cringeworthy”, although probably not among the young, particularly.

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