Help with pronunciation

Noswaith da everyone :blush:

Iโ€™m currently up to lesson 10 level 1 and thoroughly enjoying myself!, my drive to work has never been more fun :+1:
I have also been doing a Welsh course in Prestatyn on Saturdays so that I can help people learn more about the Bible in the language of their heart. This Saturday I have to prepare a short Welsh presentation but Iโ€™m struggling to know if my pronunciation is correct. Is it possible for someone more fluent than me to take a look at my presentation and perhaps do a voice recording so I can hear the correct pronunciation?

I cant claim to be fluent just yet. However, if its the pronunciation of a bible passage that you need, you could go to beible cymreag on the internet. This has audio recordings of some if not all books of the bible.


Brilliant thanks, thatโ€™s going to be really useful :+1::grin:

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