Help with a Welsh word

Hello. Asking for a bit of help with a specific Welsh word that would convey the notion of a pilgrimage or a spiritual journey. Had Google translator kick up the word ‘Pererindod’ but have been burnt before on that so wanted to check with some experts!

The background is that I am a ‘Sunday Writer’, working on a short story set in Wales and want a Welsh word for the title.

Grateful thanks for any help you can offer and good luck with your endeavours.

pererindod is indeed the Welsh word for pilgrimage, and if it’s helpful, “to go on a pilgrimage” would be pererindota :slight_smile:

A “spiritual journey” would be “taith ysbrydol” or “siwrnai ysbrydol” if you prefer. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. Have a smashing day.

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