Help please! (new) level 1 question

This is my first post on here! I’m just not hearing the right sounds on level 1 lesson 11. Could anyone help me with ‘he would’ and ‘he would like’…I just can’t get my ear round it…


S’mae Dave,

For the Northern course:

Bydda fo’n licio - he would like

You would pronounce this as “buh-tha vohn lik-yo” where the th sound is the hard one, as found in the English word “the”.



That’s brilliant

Dw i wedi bod yn dysgu Level 1: Gwers 12 / I have been learning Level 1: Gwers 12.

Eek! I find myself getting “stuck” around one question. My understanding is that in Welsh, the adjective follows the noun that it modifies. But, from what I am understanding in Gwers 12 is that there could be an exception…

For example hen/old goes in front of the noun it modifies i.e. hen ddynas / old woman or hen dyn / old man. In contrast, we learn that ifanc/young goes after the noun it modifies i.e. dyn ifanc or ddynas ifanc.

Please help me understand what I might be missing. Thanks so much & I am SO SO enjoying this course!

Da iawn, : you have correctly identified one of the irregulars, carry on enjoying the cwrs.

Cheers J.P.

Diolch yn fawr J.P. :wink: