Help please, I am floundering

I am currently attempting to do Series1 challenge 21 and I am completely lost. I thought I had (after a fashion) mastered the he said/she said differences although I always struggled with the “dweud wrth” and “dweud wrthai” phrases.
Now these are coming together in the challenge, I have lost what little confidence I had in being able to string the sentences together.
Can anyone help me out, either with an idiot proof guide or by talking me through the pitfalls In Great detail?
I live in the general Bridgend area if anyone local could help.

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Where in Bridgend are you? @Mira any ideas? I get my wrtha’s mixed up as well!!


Hi I’m in the gorgeous Garw, but willing to travel. X

Hi Roz. I’m part of the Port Talbot Group. Dont worry. As you know I means me or I. So wrtha’i just mesns to me joined together a bit like I’m in English but obviously meaning something else. Dwedodd hi wrtha’i = She said to me = she told me :grin:

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Hi @roz, are you doing one of the structured courses? The 6 Month or the 6 Minute? There will be a Q&A session at 6:30 tonight where everyone is welcome to drop in and ask these kinds of questions and get help.

Otherwise, maybe someone that goes to the monthly Bridgend meetup might be able to help @dryw-bach?

Are you able to get along to these?

Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr (Bridgend) – 2nd Sat of the month, 10am, upstairs at Il Panino, 1 Market St, CF31 1LL (Contact dryw-bach )


There’s also a group that meet in Maesteg library on Wednesdays.

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Hi I’m also from Bridgend. I find it helpful to read the vocab lists of the website. Ddweud is said adding the werth i is said to me or told me. Don’t know if that helps?

The general advice to try the challenge again if you’re stuck I find very helpful in these situations. I’ve taken a little break at the moment as I was feeling stuck and rundown.
Hope you get through this hurdle it’s all part of the learning and you will. :slight_smile:

Good luck Roz, I’ve just gone back to challenge 19 as I was struggling!

Thank you everyone for your help. I finally had a lightbulb moment this afternoon while I was sitting staring at:-

I broke it down to he wanted (excuse my phonetic spelling)
Orven moyn
E V (would be ET if it was you)
To tell you
Dwaid orthutie (would be orthigh if it was me)
After all, this time! I have been struggling since lesson 13 on the first six month challenge.
Feel like I can finally get moving again, onwards and upwards!


Great! Well done. As you have sussed, you can have “he said” or " he said to me" . Spot on!

Yay! Go Roz!
There are always bits that seem a bit wobbly - we think they’re steady, but then they wobble a bit and we start ‘kicking ourselves’ for it. The thing is, each of those ‘kicks’ is really just a nudge easing those bits into place a bit more, and then one day, click, they stop wobbling! :wink:

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Da iawn! It does happen like that. :slight_smile: glad you got it

Amazing. Da iawn Roz - from floundering for 4 weeks to ‘ok I’ve sussed it’ in 24 hours. And all because you had the guts to stick at it, and the guts to ask for help.

And now - guess what? Something else will probably come along soon that will be just as frustrating and impenetrable, except that you know that ‘relax, stick at it, and it will sort out in the end’ is a good technique that works for you.

I think I can see a new Welsh speaker forming in front of my eyes! :star2:


I’m in the same boat. Think I need to practice these more as I have to really think about them.

Hi Deborah
Is there a post anywhere on the forum which gives a list of all the weekly/monthly meet-ups with times and places, contact details, etc? I can’t seem to find such a thing and it would be such a useful resource to have.

It might be that some people would rather travel to a different area, if for example they work and so can’t attend their local conversation group. Or sometimes it’s just nice to go somewhere else and meet new people.

I’ve seen messages with information about specific groups, but it’d be so good if these could be collated into a sort of “timetable” with contact details (to check the group is running).

Does such a thread already exist? If so, could you post the link, please? If not, could it be done, please?

Hi Jackie,
an updated list of SSIW MEET-UPS arrives every week at the end of a SSiW e-mail newsletter.
I don’t know if they’re ALL the existing ones, but certainly quite a long list already!
You can subscribe here:

I don’t know where you live exactly, but I can tell that there’s also a non-SSiW related but very SSiW welcoming and friendly group in Aberteifi, and a list of more groups on their site (and you can subscribe to their newsletter too):


Diolch, Gisella - I am in Ferryside. So, nearest groups for me would be Kidwelly, Carmarthen or Llanelli. (Cardigan is well over an hour’s drive from here.)

I’ll subscribe to both newsletters and see what’s occurring :rofl: - diolch! :heart:


I get the weekly newsletter, but where in it is the list you quoted?

In the SSiW newsletter?
If you scroll down, after the current week highlights, there’s a few links (YouTube videos, BEST OF WALES, Aran’s Books on Amazon) and then…

I have subscribed to the weekly newsletter as you suggested - but so far haven’t had one (and yes, I have checked my junk folder). When is the next one due? Maybe I’ve just subscribed between emails?