Help me to understand the point

I paid to learn Welsh ,i do not understand sound cloud and do not want to spend my precious time try to work it out ,it says press something on the right hand side and that something is not there ,.I just want the sort of lesson we had in 1 to 6.

The recordings tasks are a useful part of the SSiW method and when they were first introduced, Soundcloud was the best option available for uploading the recordings. However, since then it seems Soundcloud itself has changed and lots of learners have been having trouble with it, so I understand that the SSiW tech team are working on a way to have our own way of recording and uploading, but it’s not quite ready yet. I’d say for now, don’t worry about doing the recording tasks, you can always go back and complete them once there is a better system in place if you want to.


Thank you ,I am on the verge of stopping the lessons and really thought I would stay with it however difficult ,bought an MP 3 player which was helping ,but this lesson 8 is the pits .

Well if you do not find any joy in the course, then maybe it’s better to stop? But on the other hand, maybe you could figure out what exactly is reducing your motivation and try to work around that concrete problem. Just in case that at this moment it is lesson 8 that feels to hard: common advice here on the forum is to just go ahead of a lesson feels to hard, you’ll pick up the content through repetition in the next challenges. Pob lwc!

Hi @sheila-hoare

Absolutely everyone going through the course has difficult points - sometimes the same lessons seem to be a bit more challenging for everyone and sometimes I think your brain fills up!..

…take a break if necessary - do something else and come back - and definitely don’t stress about it.

The funny thing is that things are going in, even when they don’t seem to…

…and having got this far you are well on the way to speaking Welsh…

So hang on in there!

Rich :slight_smile:

Hannah you misunderstood ,I am taking the course very seriously I am just disappointed in lesson 8 ,I was hoping for some constructive help which I have received ,your first sentence shook me, I have now been assured that the future lessons will be in the main as normal ,which is all I needed to know .My time and money are important ,

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All right then, all the best for your journey! :slightly_smiling_face:


The journey will be bumpy but I will do my very best to get there ,thank you