Help. Being bot blocked!

Hi there. Trying to add a notice of another meeting to the Herts/Beds/Bucks Conversation Group thread, but I am being blocked because there are three successive messages.on there from me.

I tried deleting one of the old messages but it still blocked me. I can understand why it’s doing it, but it’s frustrating as I want to let people know about the group!

Should I start a new thread, or is there another way round this?

I have no idea how to solve this but maybe @Kinetic does.

I’ve replied to your previous event - which might be a short term fix

Worth a try!

Rich :slight_smile:

Thank you! That seems to have done the trick. Much appreciated.

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In the past there was no blockage of any kind just warning that others might want to get involved into conversation too so this is something new to the forum or you have seen the warning and automatically stopped to post not even trying to continue. So if you’ve stopped before re-trying then you should just ignore the message and carry on. Usually such message also has the “x” button with which you can close it so you are able to see the preview of your message if you have enabled it or to continue to write.

@Kinetic any more comments or ideas on this?

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We do seem to be having a bit of trouble with our bots at the moment.
Apparently there’s a cream we could try (PenôlSol - or something like that :laughing: )


No this was actually stopping me. I tried several times over 48 hours and it still wouldn’t post even after I deleted one of my earlier posts.

I didn’t even realise it had happened the first time. It was only when I went back in to see if anyone had replied that i saw my message still sitting there in draft with this stern message overlaying it.

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I’ve brought this to the attention of fellow moderators but our “boffins” may already be addressing it.

I THINK I’ve fixed this, so if anyone notices it happening anywhere else, please flag it up again :slight_smile: