Help! "About Welsh" residential course in North Wales next month.We need more people!

I’m teaching a weekend course called “About Welsh” comparing Welsh with other languages around the world and looking at Welsh literature and music from earliest times to the present day.

It will be suitable for fluent speakers, learners or even those with no previous knowledge of Welsh at all who just want an introduction into where Welsh fits in amongst the world’s languages and an overview of Welsh literature down the centuries. It will be taught in English looking at many extracts of Welsh in the original and translation and covering many of the most important Welsh authors from medieval times to now.

It’s running from 3-5th Nov but we haven’t got enough people for the course to run yet. It’s in the beautiful study centre of Plas Tanybwlch in Snowdonia and the course took place last year and seemed to be successfully received. Any interest or could any of you spread the word? I know it’s late notice but it’d be great if any of you fancied coming. We only need 4 more people and it can go ahead, so I really hope that some of you might take advantage of the opportunity to have a study weekend in Snowdonia. It will be taught in a very varied and accessible way. There will also be a harp concert (I’m also a professional harpist) and a lecture on the history of Welsh music on the Saturday night. There are more details here: or do email me on or phone me on 07890 142029 if you’d like more information on what the course will cover…Hopefully there will be insights into the language for Welsh learners and speakers alike and you may find out that Welsh and English words are closer than you think when you start comparing European languages and tracing the history of the words back! I have a degree in Medieval Welsh from Cambridge and although I too was a Welsh learner I now use Welsh as my language at home and work. I’ve been running this course for several years now, both as residential courses and evening classes in the Aberystwyth and Llanidloes area. Please spread the word and come if you can! :slight_smile:


Having attended Harriet’s Courses in Llanilar, Ceredigion, I would thoroughly recommend them. The work was well prepared, fascinating and delivered with Harriet’s charm that drew people into participating actively in the class. (I was bottom of the class at Cynghanedd, though. :frowning: )

Having heard her solo and in duet a number of times, I can also confirm that she plucks a mean harp string in folk, classical and jazz style.


Two places just booked! :slight_smile:


That sounds really interesting. I’ll pop a note in next week’s email newsletter - still time for people to book.

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That’s brilliant, Dee. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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Wonderful news Helen! Thanks so much! Just another two people to persuade and hopefully it can go ahead. Hope to see you in a few weeks. :slight_smile:

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Diolch yn fawr iawn, Huw! :slight_smile:

Really hope you find them - it sounds great and I’d definitely have been one of them if it wasn’t for the fact I’m stuck with a work commitment over that weekend :disappointed:

I did Harriet’s course last year and can thoroughly recommend it it. She is so friendly and teaches an interesting subject very well. Her harp playing is amazing. I had never heard jazz and blues played on a harp before! She even trundled her harp down to the cellar bar for an impromptu song-along in the evening.
Plas Tan Y Bwlch is a lovely venue with views to die for. Mwynhewch!


I’d love to do this. Will check tonight if I can get away that weekend. (Don’t suppose I could bring my dog??)