Help a linguistics undergrad in need?

Hello and Shwmae!

I am an undergraduate linguistics student in the US who is looking for Welsh speakers in the UK that would be willing to act as informants in some sociolinguistic research that I would like to do. Originally, I had hoped to focus specifically on the Patagonian Welsh variety of Argentina, but thus far have had difficulty in making contact with Galensos (though that’s not to say that I won’t keep trying. Perhaps I will come across a few and can then do a comparative study on Welsh language use in Patagonia vs the UK!). So - can any of you lovelies help me out? Diolch yn fawr and hwyl!

Cofion cynnes,


Well, I’d be willing to help out; it depends on what you’re after.

If you need any help in Patagonia, just send me an email. If you need access to historical recordings of Patagonians speaking Welsh, we have a lot. If you need to contact Welsh-speaking Patagonians today, we have even more. Jeremy Wood, Welsh Siciety of Trevelin, Patagonia.

Fernando Coronato at CENPAT, Puerto Madryn, is an academic with a lively interest in Welsh things (he taught himself Welsh to a pretty high standard and publishes regularly on topics related to the Welsh settlement of Chubut). You’d no doubt find him via Cenpat, where he works, or if you email me at I’ll get his permission to send you his email.