Hello everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself to the new forum and also say a huge “THANK YOU!” to the team for not only making this wonderful course but also for it being so accessible.

I have just finished lesson 3 and I must say I am absolutely delighted (especially by Aran’s kind words of encouragement at the end!) and more enthused to continue and progress than ever.

Learning Welsh fluently has been a lifelong aspiration and now I am actually learning in earnest (rather than just testing the water!) at the age of 23, I can’t express my joy - what a gift! (Though I am sure you will all become sick of me as soon as I can hold and type partially-intelligible conversation in Welsh!)

For now, it’s just great to be here!

Diolch yn fawr!
Siân :slight_smile:

A very warm welcome to the forum, Siân, and congratulations on getting off to such a flying start…:smile:

Thank you very much indeed for your very kind words - exactly the kind of feedback that keeps us inspired! I’ll look forward very much to hearing how the course goes for you, and your experiences of using Welsh ‘in the wild’ for the first time when you’re ready…:smile:

Thank you very much, Aran!

The design of SSiW is very motivating indeed and it won’t be long before I’ll be sabotaging this incredible language, I’m sure… (are you sure about this?) :smiley:

Bring it on! :slight_smile:

Shwmae Siân!
Glad you’re enjoying the course as much as we all do! And don’t worry, no one will get sick of you speaking Welsh. You’ll be great on Bootcamp, once you’ve done at least the first course. I’ll be doing my first one in just over a week and I can’t wait!
Good luck with the rest of the course :smiley:

Hi Sian, just adding my own welcome!! :slight_smile:

Shwmae, Gavin!!

Thank you for such a warm welcome - it gets better being here by the minute! :slight_smile:

Yes! I am so excited by the prospect of Bootcamp! Have a fantastic time on yours - I can’t wait to hear all about it! :smiley:

Hi Andy,

Thank you! I really appreciate all the ‘hellos’! Feeling very encouraged by everyone indeed! :smiley: It is a privilege to be part of such a community!

Croeso Sian! We’ve all been partially-intelligible at some point (some of us still are!) so don’t worry! :slight_smile:

Diolch, Tzevai! Prepare for an onslaught of confusion… :stuck_out_tongue: I am itching to get going!

Shwmae Siân. Croeso i’r fforwm! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the course. You sound like you definitely have the enthusiasm to succeed. Pob lwc! :slight_smile:

it won’t be long before I’ll be sabotaging this incredible language

It’s the people who are willing to jump in and use it any which way they can who are going to help save it…:star:

Diolch yn fawr, Jon! Yndw, dw i’n licio trio siarad Cymraeg! :stuck_out_tongue:

Then, that shall be my motto, Aran! (I do, wholeheartedly, agree!) :smiley: