Hello Aran?

Am I right, that you’re online now?

He was, but he just disappeared to go and meet a friend. :slight_smile:

I was just in the learning section and redid (can I say this?) lesson or challenge 5 of the new course. T he lesson content is totally wrong, maybe you mixed it up with the content of the Dutch course?

I’ve just been to check, and it seems fine to me - I heard the Lleuwen song, and Aran welcoming me to Challenge 5. Could you check again, and if it’s still happening, let me know what you clicked on?

Something I should point out here is that this is only a layout change. All the courses and lessons are still exactly as they were in the database, so if anything’s out of place, that means it was out of place on the previous version too :slight_smile:

The lesson itself is o.k.
There is a text, lesson content, where the words, that are taught in the lesson, are listed. And these words written; Holiday, every year, next week and so on, are not the words that are taught in lesson 5.

Oh, I see. I’ll point that out to Aran, thanks (though he’ll probably spot this thread himself anyway. :))

Again, this is something that must have been that way before, because this week’s changes to the site are purely visual - all lesson content is the same as before. Good spot though.

Thank you for answering this post so quickly, Ifan.
I didn’t want to rebuff you by addressing Aran. I hadn’t noticed, that the forum was already open, and when I read the announcement on the “old forum” I went straight to here and thought I could be the first to post something.
It’s really great what you’re doing and I’m really looking forward to all the new stuff and things that will happen, once this new site is ready.

No problem; thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Great catch, Brigitte - I must have cut&pasted that from the wrong place! It should be okay now - diolch yn fawr iawn :seren: