Health warning needed

This morning I went for my usual stroll, very early so that people wouldn’t see me talking to myself.
I was in a mellow mood, looking forward to listening to Cymraeg, probably tying a few trout flies in preparation for March, some really good fish and chips for tea.
Some 30 minutes later, I returned home almost suicidal.
The culprits?
Iestyn and Cat had spent most of the time talking to me about being nervous, uncertain, angry, guilty, depressed and frustrated.
It is my considered opinion that Course 2, Vocabs 2 should have a health warning. :smiley::smiley:


You’re too kind - most people think the health warning should come at the beginning of Course 1… :wink:

Yes, sorry about that sudden wave of gloom and despair. I rather like the idea of removing all negative words from the entire course, so that everyone could recognise SSiW learners by their unmovable refusal to be negative about anything at all… :slight_smile: :wink: