Half term in North Wales

Shwmae Pawb!

Half term is coming up this week, and I think I will be making a trip to North Wales on my little motorbike. I would love to visit Caernarfon, Penllŷn and Anglesey. I am thinking of staying at least one night in Caernarfon, starting on Saturday night.

Could anyone suggest anywhere to socialise and practise my Welsh (I am an advanced learner) in Caernarfon during the evening/night?

Where would be good to visit in this region?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


If you are in Caernarfon then you will be able to use your Welsh wherever you go and almost everyone you speak to (unless they are a tourist) will speak Welsh. There are quite a few pubs in Caernarfon if you are wanting to go out for a couple of drinks . If you are in Caernarfon on St Davids Day then there are a lot of events organised as part of Gwyl Ddewi Arall being held on the 1st-3rd of March (last weekend of the Welsh half term) Anglesey and Pen Llyn in particular are beautiful so hopefully you will have nice weather for your trip so you can get out and explore :slight_smile:


If you could get a ticket for it, on Saturday night ‘Mr’ are playing in the galeri in Caernarfon. I’m going with my friend, you would be welcome to join us or if you don’t fancy that, I could meet you beforehand and say hello. There’s lots of fantastic places in Caernarfon. I’ve got a motorbike too, where are you travelling from? Good luck with the weather :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for the advice, really appreciated, I think I’ll explore around Anglesey and Penllŷn and just see where I end up. :slight_smile:

@chrome_angel I will be driving up from Caerwrangon (Worcester) Saturday. I’ve just checked, and unfortunately tickets have sold out, as otherwise I would have been interested, but it would be nice to meet before hand

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hi flynn, i’ll PM you my number, and if you’re available on saturday message me, would be great to meet up! if for any reason your plans change, just let me know by text :slight_smile:

Great, I will message :slight_smile: