Half hour scwrs challenge

I want to give credit to @jackie-butler for this idea. We were both meeting with @mhairi-mason the other day, who wanted to do her half-hour speaking-in-Welsh-no-English-allowed challenge. And Jac turned up with a brilliant list of questions, geared to fit in with what Mhairi would have learnt in Levels 1 & 2, but also capable of opening up the conversation (which they did).

The half hour flew by, with the talk flowing easily and all of us enjoying it. So if anyone else is asked to help someone with their half hour chat, I can highly recommend doing a bit of pre-prep like this. It makes the whole things more relaxed for both parties.

(@jackie-butler - maybe you’d like to share some of your questions, to give folks more of an idea of what I mean?)


Thank you to @Jackie-butler for the idea and for taking the time to prepare the questions. Thank you to Jackie and Catriona for all your support and encouragement. The conversation was fun and the 30 minutes did fly by.


That would be pretty awesome… :slight_smile: