Are these words related? A friend has suggested that Porth yr Hafan means Gateway (or similar) to the Summer House. But I thought Hafan just meant haven. Would Porth yr Hafod work?

Or maybe Hafod y Porth?

I’d find Porth yr Hafod a bit more expected than Porth yr Hafan, I think. Etymologically speaking, though, with haf/hafan, sorry - not got a clue… :sunny:

GPC says that haf and hafod (< haf + bod) are related, as one might expect, but hafn / hafan is a loanword from old English hæfne rather than a descendant of an old Celtic root sem- as haf is.


Thank you Philip… That’s very helpful.

Certainly I’ve come across hafod as a place to live in summer when looking after livestock on the higher hills in pretty old writings.(Don’t ask where, I can’t remember!!)