My family originated in Llanfachreth near Dolgellau - the heart of Welsh-speaking Wales. I spent a few days there recently and in Beddgelert, high in the Gwynedd mountains, but was terribly disappointed at the paucity of Welsh language in the hotels and streets there. In one hotel I stayed in at Beddgelert the owners were English and the waiters Hungarian - visitors American and English - Nobody knew Welsh, not even ‘Bore da’!! I had to resort to practising my Welsh in the shops. I hope the language is not dying out in Gwynedd.

Gwynedd is the strongest remaining area for the language - but Beddgelert is Tourist Central, so you’d only be certain to hear Welsh there if you knew people who spoke Welsh. Having said that, I know quite a few shops there where I’d be surprised not to get a Welsh speaker serving - the hotels are a bit of a different matter, though, often owned/run by people who’ve moved to the area.

But if you’d come from Beddgelert down to, say, Porthmadog, it would have been a whole different story…:smile: