Gwilym - Gwalia

Da iawn i chi @stephenbranley. Dw i’n genfigennus rwan! What a brilliant story for so many reasons, no wonder you’re buzzing. Excellent band. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all sing along to all the matches?! One for rugby supporting SSIWrs to learn maybe? Like you, dw i’n cefnogi Cymru (a Lloegr).


That’s great Stephen - I love ‘Gwalia’ too! I’m quite early on in my Welsh journey and have been trying to sing along but am struggling with the lyrics, would it be possible to put them on this thread (or just the chorus). Diolch!

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Nice one @stephenbranley! :slight_smile: Very brave! Yes, please share the lyrics. I’ve been listening to O Gymru by Eleri Llwyd which I think has inspired this version by Gwilym. I’d love to understand the words better :slight_smile:

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I had better check that it’s OK to share them. I’ll tweet the band back again and make sure. If they say it’s OK, I’ll post them here.


Perfect @stephenbranley! I was hoping you’d like to continue your conversation with them! I’m sure they’ll be delighted to hear that they’re inspiring Welsh learners :slight_smile:

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can you share the lyrics? They were driving me mad this morning trying to work them out.

If the band says it’s ok to do so, then I’ll post them here. I thought I’d better ask them first though, as they don’t appear to be public anywhere else.


At this point I’d like to remind this forum has a shared lyrics archive (and still open lyrics transcription “challenge” even though we’ve been a bit lazy for a while!).

There’s 5 tabs (instructions, unofficial lyrics in the works and completed, official lyrics).

It also includes one attempt of collaborative transcription of a Gwilym song, Neidia, chosen and started by @sasha-lathrop!
But not sure it’s ready to be shown to the authors! :grimacing::sweat_smile:

More explanations and details, here:


@amandalaing @Cetra @suzanne-allen @jenny-5

I got a simple reply of “Dim problem!” from the guys in the band, so as requested here are the lyrics!

I’m afraid it’s mostly a bit too difficult for me, but it’s nice to see them nonetheless.

@gisella-albertini I’ve added the lyrics to the “Official” tab of the spreadsheet you linked to. I hope that’s OK :slight_smile:


Perffaith, diolch! :slight_smile:

Looks fine to me!

Oh, cool! Diolch yn fawr!

EDIT: This song has moved me deeply from the first time I heard it, even though it is a challenging one for me still… and now that I’m seeing the lyrics I now know why this song had such a strong impact on me . I’m so grateful.

You’re welcome. I don’t really know what prompted me to email the band. I was looking and looking for the lyrics, couldn’t find them, and (quite uncharacteristically for me) suddenly went “oh blow it, I’ll tweet them and ask!”.

And as a bonus, they seem like really nice guys, so that just makes me like the song even more.


What a brilliant outcome, thanks @stephenbranley. I hope the guys in the band know how much they’re inspiring us!


Mae hwn yn wych. Beth ydy dy trydar? Bydda i ddilyn i ti.

Dwi’n hoffi Gwilym hefyd.

Trio Y Cledrau ac Yr Ods - Mae nhwn bril!

@stephenbranley @Cetra @amandalaing @sasha-lathrop @JudithHughes
Heno have just used this song as background to coverage of yesterday’s rugby (so proud of the boys in red and shame they won’t be playing Lloegr at the weekend). I’ve scribbled down the subtitles as best I could:

Do you want to find your own heart. O Walia
There must be more than meets the eye
You must be more than a pretty face.

When disaster strikes you always land on your feet
Better to be caught red handed than with blood on your hands
My homeland my joy.

O Gymru O Gymru
I give you my life
O Walia O Walia
O Gyrmru O Gymru
I give you my life
O Walia O Walia
You’re my sunshine.

O Walia
Listen to the crowds singing a song of praise to you
Listen to their belief
Is there meaning behind the writing on the wall
As my heart beats quicker
My Walia
It all comes together
There’s no need to hold back our day has come

O Gymru O Gymru
I give you my life
O Walia O Walia
You are my sunshine**


The second lot of ??? after O Walia is “You are my bliss” :slight_smile:

Diolch @Cetra, dear old google translate suggested “you are my disease” - I knew that couldn’t be correct!

This just came on radio cymru. Found this post wow those lyrics. :sob: Must learn this song.

Diolch yn fawr iawn am hyn. Ive just checked out
Gwilym as a result if your post and i love em. Dwi’n dwlu fo pan dwi’n dod o hyd bandiau newydd ac enwedig bandiau newydd cymraeg. Diolch eto. Gwandro yn hapus!