Gwers 6(1) & 6(2): Diolch!

Shwmae pawb!

Taken me a few lessons to get around to doing this…

As per Iestyn’s mention on lesson 6 south: a quick note to say thankyou to the previous learners for their advice on structuring lessons 6…and, of course, a ‘diolch yn fawr’ to those putting together the SSiW course: it’s brilliant! Am getting through the lessons on my walk in to work and really enjoying, and feel am progressing well and hoping to get to some ‘sgwrs’ in the new year. Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi.

Mwynhewch yr 'wyliau a Iechyd da!

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…and I realise now would have been better to put the message on the ‘General’ forum…and not in the meetups one… :stuck_out_tongue:

Croeso, @simeonhall! Sounds like you are doing great! Dal ati! :slight_smile:

Paid becso. “Forum Ghost” is always here to give an aid. :slight_smile: Topic in a proper category now. :slight_smile:

And, of course!

[size=30]Croeso ar y fforwm!!![/size]

You’re doing well I see. Now you just need to do Lesson 6b to have some fun! REALLY! DON’T LEAVE IT OUT! :slight_smile:

Pob lwc!