Gwefan Cymru-Catalonia

I stumbled on this by chance:

It looks like it’s been put together by people interested in both Wales/Welsh and Catalonia/Catalan.

It has a rather old=fashioned look, and probably hasn’t been updated for ages, and there are broken links within it, but still there is some interesting stuff, including a quite useful dictionary, and some old Welsh public domain texts, some with translations, including a William Morgan bible, with semi-interlinear English translation.

I didn’t investigate the Catalonian part of it.

Anyway, I hope it’s of interest to some people.

(Oh you might get an annoying pop-up advert, but once you get rid of it, it doesn’t seem to come back)

Thanks for sharing…:smile:

IT’s a great site for anyone interested in Gwenhwyseg (the old dialect of Glamorgan Gwent Welsh).

Not the easiest site to navigate and as Mike says, there are quite a few broken links. But it’s worth sticking with as there is loads of really interesting stuff on the SE dialect (much more than nay other site i’ve come accross).

If your interesed in this dialect, another one worth a look is:

IT seems someone was keeping a blog for a while (no new posts since the beginning of this year) and there are some interesting links to other material.