Guess what 'Google' translates 'shwmae' as

I don’t believe it!!!
As Stu has just told me how to start a new topic, I thought I’d try one…
Guess what ‘Google’ translates ‘shwmae’ as ---- ‘Howdy.’ Yup!!!
Sorry friends across the pond but it just made me laugh.


Hi Anne - I just tweaked your subject line slightly for succinctness.

Google translates Welsh novelist Dewi Prysor as - Dixie McNeil :smile:


Actually, howdy is not a bad translation - I quite like it!

At one point it translated “Cymraeg” as “English”. :slight_smile: One of the consequences of statistical translation.

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You will frequently hear “'Ow be?” from older people in th valleys - a similar translation, I guess.

hilarious! - I just facebooked him to tell him!

Yes Iestyn, now I come to think of it, my father would have said ‘ow be.’
While I’m here, just like to report that I had my first instantaneous conversation on the phone. A guy called about solar panels, greeted me in Welsh, to which I responded and carried on in Welsh. I obviously didn’t understand everything but enough. We parted (without a sale) but on friendly terms. Afterwards I was absolutely chuffed that I didn’t revert to English.


and his reply was "Dau lejand! :wink: " :smiley:

I’ve just Tweeted him - Ydy dy enw wir, Dixie McNeil? :smile:

On the phone? About solar panels? With no warning?

What are you doing following SSiW? You’e a fully fledged Welsh-speaker!!!

Seriously, that is an immense achievement, and one that I would certainly struggle with in my second (well, third) language, French. My hat is well and truly off to you - well done!