Grwp sgwrs newydd.....Fflint


Diolch @Pete2 - Another one (well, two actually) to add to my rounds :smile:


Well i can’t make Thursday but i will be there next week.

It was great today. And i let everone know about SSIW including the people who work at the cafe who seem to want to learn too.


Hello, I haven’t done Welsh for 24 years [GSCE] but I’m having to learn for work purposes. So I’ve decided to try and make a concerted effort to speak the language if not fluently, effectively. I’d like to come along on Tuesday if the group are meeting. It will be my first time coming to something like this and I am very apprehensive. Will it be ok with my very basic Welsh? Gill

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As long as you set your expectations correctly! So expect in advance not to understand very much, and to feel frustrated about what you can’t say… because if you can accept those two things, then putting yourself in a situation where you hear Welsh conversations, and maybe even contribute a few sentences to them, will be very valuable exposure for your brain. :slight_smile:

Are you using the SSiW material at all?


I have just discovered the SSiW material. I was told about it on my course this week and started it last night. So far so good. Like I said I do have GCSE Welsh but haven’t spoken it since I left school. People in work speak Welsh around me but I don’t have the confidence to join in yet. Thought a group like this might help me grow in confidence and make new Welsh speaking friends as I only have one. My family are all English speaking too so not much support.

The meet-ups can work perfectly for this - as long as you don’t give yourself a hard time for not understanding much to begin with… :slight_smile: And as you work through the material, you’ll find you have more and more contributions you can make to the conversation… :slight_smile:

Thanks Pete2. I must admit that I was a little put off by the Admin warning at the top of the page stating that the Forum hasn’t been that friendly or welcoming of late. Hope that’s not the case.

I’ve only ever had one hostile person actually speaking welsh to me. And to be fair he had had a few!!!

Chat groups seem quite inclusive and i’ve found them a great help.

You’ll be fine. Join in when you can. And if unsure about anything just ask.

We’re all very cyfeillgar you know :wink:

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Well it’s all set up now. My lovely Welsh speaking friend is going to come along with me on Tuesday. If all else feels she can sit and have a brew and test me on the content of my Level 2 course. Lol


Well the coffee there is great and you can get welsh rarebit for £3.50 too. But be careful if you order in welsh that they understand.

“Ga i banad o goffi du?” asked I. Along came a cappucino. Oh well.

@gillroberts Croeso to the Forum, which is very friendly! If you want to be sure a person knows you have sent them a question, it is safer to put the @ before their name, as I have yours. As you start to type after @ you will see names listed for you to,pick! @Pete2 did then! Sorry, Pete for lurking!

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Wel dim ond Clive a fi heddiw. Ond sgwrs dda unwaith eto :slight_smile:

Well only Clive and me today. But good conversation again:

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Wel dim ond Clive a fi unwaith eto. Ond sgwrs dda fel arfer.

Wedyn, es i i wetherspoons. Mae’r rheolwr dod o’r de ac mae o’n siarad cymraeg. Felly…“Ga’i beint o Heineken”.

Dyddiau hapus.

Well only Clive and me again. But as usual good conversation.

Afterwards, I went to Wetherspoons. The manager comes from the south and he speaks Welsh. So … “can i have a pint of Heineken”.

Happy days.

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Just to let everyone know this is still running. Just three of us again this week. Clive who’s pretty good, me and Fred who started in September via a classroom but thanks to a bit of hardsell from me has completed challenges 1-5 of the new level one in the last week and is doing very well.

So if you’re near Flint please come along. Details at the top of the post.


Well finally made it here on a Thursday. Been a quiet week learning this week. But ready to practice more!!! :slight_smile:

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