Growth mindset

Shwmae pawb
I heard a really interesting programme on Radio 4 this morning and it was about the work of Carol Dweck and her research into ‘mindset’. According to Dweck, individuals can be placed on a continuum according to their implicit views of where ability comes from. If you believe success is based on innate ability you have a ‘fixed’ theory of intelligence ( fixed mindset). If you believe that success is based on hard work, learning, training and ‘doggedness’ then you are said to have a ‘growth’ theory of intelligence (growth mindset). Those with a growth mindset do not fear failure as they know that if they keep working and trying then they will get better at something, whilst those with a fixed mindset fear failure as they think it a negative statement of their basic abilities. I had a look at the detailed analysis of this concept online earlier (if you just look at Carol Dweck online you can read more about it).
It struck me that I have been, in the past, frequently of a ‘fixed mindset’ about my abilities which ultimately absolved me of making any effort in things. I want to thank SSiW HUGELY for changing my mindset on language learning - and therefore on learning ANYTHING! This amazing course right from the off expects that you can and will learn Welsh. Failure is never a problem…it was tough today? Try again tomorrow! I have a complete growth mindset regarding my acquisition of Cymraeg thanks to what this course has taught me. This method is the embodiment of that theory, diolch yn fawr iawn … and I say that after an excruciating struggle today with lesson 22 (Course 2 Northern) which I now know can be conquered…however long it takes me!


Diolch @4Ruth. Then “fixed mindset” obviously has a name - TATJANA :slight_smile:

Trying to drop into “growth” eventually though. :slight_smile:

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Ahhh.Tatjana!! I must confess I did hope you would read about this…!! I have been guilty in the past of my ‘fixed mindset’ that I could never learn to play the cello (I had lessons at school). In a way this mindset caused me not to practise (so much effort and I will never be any good)…thus, of course, I wasn’t any good. The point is that hard work will definitely reap rewards…and that is the growth mindset. Accepting that hard work + innate ability might make a Jacqueline du Pre…but with hard work I still could have been a GOOD cellist. It is recognising that even people with natural ability still have to work extremely hard. So, Tatjana - you must carry on with your journey. We may never speak Welsh like a native speaker but we can ALWAYS get better with effort. X


I love the kind of serendipity this forum provides! Ruth, I’ve just finished reading Carol Dweck’s ‘Mindset’ - an absolutely excellent book, and we’re definitely hugely in tune with it - although reading it made me realise that although I’m consciously very skewed towards a growth mindset, there are little bits and pieces here and there in my attitudes which maybe come out of some ‘fixed’ thinking - which makes me all the more determined to solve them :sunny:

I would love to find a way to get every single SSiW learner to read this book before starting the course…:wink:

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Ahhh, too late for me in that matter :frowning: (see bolded text. :slight_smile: )


I haven’ read the book but seen a lot online abt in in the tesching blogosphere and have started trying to integrate the principles with my students. Applies to lesrning anything!


I had exactly the same experience, Ruth. The SSi philosophy rubbed off on a lot more than language learning. I’r gad! Sounds like you’ll go far. : )