Greetings from Canada – My goal: Welsh in one year!


I’m very grateful to have found this site, and my thanks go out to Aran, Catrin, Iestyn and Cat. I have only just begun, but I must say that I find the lessons to be easy to follow, rewarding, and quite fruitful.

My goal is an ambitious one. I aim to be reasonably fluent in Northern Welsh in a single year. I enjoy visiting Wales every year or so, having just returned from another stay at Portmeirion and I plan to be able to converse in Welsh by the time I return, which I hope will be approximately a year from now.

Thanks once again for putting together such a great site. I’m very excited about the journey ahead!



Welcome to the forum, Andrew:) And - good luck. I think, with SSIW, this is a very realistic goal. There are people here who are willing to practise Welsh on skype too, if you want to practise speaking before actually visiting Wales.


@seren said it all so I’ll just say Welcome to the forum! Enjoy your learning.

Best of luck!


Beautiful place, if not quite typical of anything but eccenticity!!
Croeso i’r Forum! I’m sure you will achieve your aim!


That’s a great aim, Andrew - check in on here regularly to let us know how you’re going, and we’ll help keep pushing you on… :sunny:

If you do two new sessions a week, you’ll be through all our currently available material in 25 weeks - but by that stage, we’ll have the Level 2 listening exercises and a fair chunk of Level 3 ready for you - and you’ll also be ready to add as many conversation partners as possible to the mix.

I’d also recommend listening to Radio Cymru (even just for 10 minutes a day) from the very beginning, if you can get comfortable with letting it wash over you without feeling good/bad about what you do/don’t recognise…

Good luck! Pob lwc!.. :sunny:


Karla from Australia came to visit Wales recently after learning Welsh for 6 months. She spent a month in Wales speaking Welsh almost everywhere she went, so 1 year sounds infinitely doable! I look forward to meeting you if you are in the Llandysul area.


Good Luck Andrew, as everyone else has already said, one year is a realistic target to be able to converse quite happily. Also, welcome to the forum! :smile:

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A great aim, and definitely do-able. Pob lwc!

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Even on TV on S4C!
Which reminds me, have you signed the petition
It is for folk outside Wales who watch S4C but are not counted on viewing figures gathered by the UK Government!