Grammar books

This is a question for @garethrking (or anyone else who knows his books).

Is the comprehensive grammar a compendium of the beginner and intermediate grammar / workbooks, or a separate thing altogether? I’ve been trying to figure it out from the blurbs, but I’m still confused.

Thank you!

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Hi Cat.
The Comprehensive Grammar book is different to the workbooks.

I have the Comprehensive Grammar. It is a reference book explaining constructions and giving examples. Very much the sort of thing that Gareth kindly puts on here from time to time.

I dont have the Workbooks, but I think that I am correct in saying that these are more like lesson units. So each unit will have some grammar explanations, some vocabulary, examples and then exercises to try.

I hope that this helps in the meantime.


It’s a separate thing, Catriona. In fact it was the first one I ever did, the grammar/workbooks came later, and they pick particular grammar points for explanation and testing. The Grammar’s got (almost!) the lot.