Going GREEN - week 19 'QUESTION' recording **Red to Green badge** ❇ (Awarded Mondays)


Ydw. Dwi I’n mynd I mynd Allan at fy beic o’clock Mae tywedd yn braff!

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Sorry my phone changes the Welsh!

Hi Hilary, so sorry that you are experiencing problems. This thread should provide you with all the information you need - all the very best…

Well done everyone on some great questions! You have gone from RED to GREEN! :slight_smile:


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I know what you mean roobat32. I find the IT the most challenging part as well

Question form Janet

https://ssi-cyhoeddus.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/recording/515/6min_19_question.mp3 Hello I am on challenge 18 Dw in newydd dechrau sit i siaradd cymraeg recording tool I will go back to week 5 Diolch yn fawr

Hope this is ok :joy:

Here goes! https://ssi-cyhoeddus.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/recording/520/6min_19_question.mp3

Congratulations on your great questions! You atre now GREEN! :slight_smile:


Here’s my question in Welsh for Challenge 18




Did you have a good time with your friends in the pub last night?

https://ssi-cyhoeddus.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/recording/527/6min_19_question.mp3. seemed appropriate after lock-down!

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Here’s my question for challenge 18. Did you have a good time on the weekend and Friday night!?

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