Going BLUE- week 21 'ANSWER' recording **Green to Blue badge** 🔵 (Awarded Mondays)

My response to the question from @gill-fickling about what I want to do today:

Llongyfarchiadau! Da iawn new Blue Badgers! You’ve reached the final coloured badge, so I hope you all like blue :slight_smile:

I never recieved my blud badge? - Not sure why as I replied to Dan Fox and someone replied to my question

You did indeed Carolyn - maybe @Deborah-SSi accidently missed it but I’m sure she’ll sort it out as soon as she’s back on now I’ve tagged her. (Deborah, it was on June 1st)

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Sorry Carolyn. I don’t usually do this, but just popped in when I saw that Novem hadn’t been able to do it for a week or so. I must have missed yours when scrolling back.

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@rosalind-short - and now you have your blue badge! Da iawn ti!

Dyma fy ateb i cwestiwn Carolyn Newton

Da iawn @anne-l-p! I found your Answer recording in the Question thread, so I’ve moved it here and you now have your Blue Badge!

Ateb i @patrick-taylor

Steve, yn y tafarn yn barod dw i. Ga i prynu diod i chi?

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Da iawn @steve-barker! You’re reached the final badge! :clap:

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:laughing: Diolch, Patrick! Ga i peint, plîs?!

Cyffrous iawn! Diolch, Deborah!

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Wrth gwrs! Iechyd da!

my answer to Anne-lp’s question is:

Dw i’n mynd i wylio’r pêl-dried ar y penwythnos. Dw i’n mynd i siopa hefyd.

Llongyfarchiadau on your last badge @SarahWales! :partying_face::blue_heart:

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still green not blue ?

Your bubble looks blue to me Carolyn! :slight_smile:

And to me :slight_smile:

Not sure what happened,it looked green yesterday.
Diolch yn fawr

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