Going BLUE- week 21 'ANSWER' recording **Green to Blue badge** 🔵 (Awarded Mondays)

I answered Iona! Please may I have my shiny blue prize for being a good student when you have the time please :+1::sunglasses:



I posted a question yesterday and may have been premature but also responded to Alison’s question today, please can I have a blue badge :hugs::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Helo Aran, Ga i fynd i las, os gwelwch yn dda?

Here’s a link to my answer to Janet’s question. :grinning:

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Here’s my answer to Bens question … just hope I got his question right never mind my answer lol Simple question from Ben Boreham currently doing South level 1

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My answer to Jade’s question

(I have posted it as a reply to the question also)

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Here’s my answer to Tanith’s question.

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Hi Aran, i’ve posted a question and not turned to pretty green! :frowning: I have just posted an answer too so need to go to blue… please! xx

Hey, check out this track on SoundCloud: Marilyn Downs Thursday 10:01 PM!

Hi there … Marilyn Downs here :blush:
Thank you for my green badge! Diolch yn fawr iawn. Xx
Have posted this somewhere as an answer to Kate, but am having slight problems navigating this forum. Don’t worry…it’s my problem with technology :flushed: Had a brilliant night last night in the pub with a few Welsh speaking friends who are amazed with what I can do so far.
Thank you SSIW team. Loving this course. :sparkling_heart:


Excellent! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!!

I don’t know why I don’t know about the badges? I thought we received something for the 5 minutes sentences thing, but I didn’t see anything change?

When do we do the question and answer thing? Perhaps I’m just not there yet? (I’m at week 5), although I got paused and didn’t receive this week’s email - so please could someone send me week 5? I have completed week 4 (even listened to some music), and don’t want to fall behind again.

Also, please do explain to me when I get “colours” (and how do I know I them; will I feel “rainbow~y”) :wink:


I think @Deborah-SSi could advise with this

By the way…how do we get our blue badges? Mine is still showing red - then it went to green- now it’s back to red and it should be blue?:flushed:
Have done all the tasks and posted them.

Sorry everyone! I’ve been away on holiday and the changing of badges has got a little behind. I’ll get them all done as soon as I can :slight_smile:

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Hey Aran… weki weki! (You did say to say that!). I have posted my answer and would like my blue badge please! Cheers !

Thank you !!

Thank you, Dee. Hope you had a good holiday?